Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White and Boom... or whistle, fizzle, crackle and sparkle...

     Happy Fourth Everyone! Hope you all got to spend yours with family and friends and got to enjoy food, fun and fireworks. Here on the farm there is always work to be done though, and today (much to my kiddos disappointment) was no exception. :( We got up early, (as is the norm anymore) and the older kidlings set off to do morning chores and pick up the yard for mowing. I got the younger ones up and moving and then started on breakfast. We had homemade blueberry Belgium waffles with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream! YUM!!! The chickens were even treated with our leftovers (we have lucky chickens! lol)
     After breakfast we got back to work inside and outside. The girls and I worked inside. Laundry was folded and put away, floors were swept, the bathroom was cleaned. Hubs and the boys worked outside first repairing the lawnmower, then mowing around the firepit, weeding some of the garden, putting up the tiki torches and watering the garden.
     But, right around lunch time, chaos reared its ugly head. Tempe had a BAD poopy diaper, leaving her with a horrendous diaper rash. We frantically searched the house for desitin or the like, but came up empty handed. She hadn't had a rash in ages, and we were just plumb out! I had to go to the store to get some, but that is no quick jaunt. Its 45 minutes each way, minimum! So Hubby dunked her in the tub and I loaded up Sebastian, Ginny and Lotte and went to the store. Its funny what little things you take for granted when you live in the city. We used to live 5 minutes from Walmart and ANY other business you could think of (fast food, fabric stores, hardware stores, movie theatres, the mall). Now going to the store is something to be planned in advance... a week in advance... with a well prepared list! At any rate, it got dealt with, we all lived. Nothing can ever be planned 100%. We DO have 5 kids after all! lol
     For dinner we had an American favorite, (nothing fancy due to lack of time) grilled cheese and tomato soup. (Does anyone else put cheese and salsa in the tomato soup to get their kids to eat it? We LOVE it that way, and actually EAT the soup, not just dip in it. Well everyone except the no-food-itarian, Ginny.) For dessert though we had Firework Floats. We made ours with sierra mist or strawberry Fanta, and strawberry or watermelon pop rocks. The kids had fun mixing and matching flavors and the adults felt like kids again as the pop rocks fizzled and crackled on our tongues.
      So my Hubby LOVES the fourth of July. He LOVES fireworks! (I think its that he secretly likes to blow things up.) But when we lived in VA, fireworks were illegal, so no boom booms for the Branham family there :( When we moved to NC Hubs said that they are legal here so we would be buying them, LOTS of them! Unfortunately, not one fireworks stand is to be had around here, so me thinks he was mistaken about the laws. Instead we opted for lots of glow sticks and the wimpy fireworks. You know the ones that say "emits showers of sparks". Yep, that REALLY is ALL they do :( But, combined with some sparklers and glowing jewelry, the kiddos had a lot of fun! Hubby is disappointed for yet another year though :(
My creative kiddos took several kits and made different things with them.

Cant see Sebastian but his glowy-ness came out pretty cool!

Tempe's first sparkler! (Yes, I was holding it with her)

Ginny LOVED them!

 Watching the "fireworks" show that Daddy put on...

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  1. So cute! I think you need to buy the fireworks in a state where they are illegal.
    I remember your dad having pop rocks when they first came out. We were never allowed to have anything cool like that LOL!