Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a regular day

     Today I spent the day just appreciating everything the Lord has given me. I have been VERY fortunate, and sometimes, when I am having a stressful day over menial things, I (like all of us, I'm sure) tend to forget that. But, in light of recent events with some very close friends of mine, (I will not name them publicly, but know that they are in my heart and prayers every day) I am forced to remember just how menial my stresses truly are. And I REALLY should take the time to appreciate God's grace more often, as we are not promised another day.
     That being said, today was not a big work day here on the farm. It was hot so we mostly hung out inside. The animals were taken care of at their appropriate times and the garden was watered (but not weeded, though it desperately needs it!)

Sir Crows A Lot (the darker one) corralling his girls
Broody Henrietta is sitting on over 15 eggs now!

     I went on my daily walk (without children) around the farm, checking on all the animals and plants, and I snapped a couple pics just for you.

The first bed. It is mostly tomatoes w/ borage, nasturtium, basil and marigolds tossed in there too! We have 2 other tomato beds like this one.

Here are some of those beautiful tomatoes we talked about! :)

A HUGE harvest of borage leaves and flowers! Dehydrating them for a great tea! Very good for you and very good for other plants too!
A couple trays of basil in the dehydrator as well.
This is our squash and zucchini harvest 3 days ago....
and HERE is one of the plants today. I counted over 12 this big out there today! We literally have squash and zucchini coming out our ears! 


And speaking of ears.... (lol) look how well the corn is doing!
And this miniature Truffula tree! Just kidding! Sebastian picked this flower for me. I have no idea what it is but it is super fluffy and smells wonderful! (and you have to admit it bears a striking resemblance to those magnificent Seuss-ian trees!)
Some pretty glads that popped up in the yard.
     Then I came in and gave little Lotte her bath. She is already 16 days old! Can you believe it? She was so alert and happy (AFTER her bath was over). She has the cutest little dimples when she smiles (I cant ever seem to capture them on camera though). None of my other littles have dimples, and I have NO idea where she got them, but they are A-FREAKING-DORABLE!!!


     I actually got to sit and crochet a little today too! Here is my work in progress. I have been using scrap yarn to make granny squares. They are each 9 inches and when sewn all together with make a super cute blanket. (Anyone who has seen my sweater knows how much I like to do scrap yarn stuff.) So far I have 15, and it will probably take me umpteen gazillion years to finish all the squares at the pace Im going, but, there it is! Watcha thinkin' Lincoln?

     Oh and here is an update on the goat fence. There it is. All the wires and poly tape are up and ready. Hopefully the Hubs will be able to juice it up this weekend. Right now we have to take the goats out on leashes and tie them to a tree in the pasture during the day. HUGE HASSLE!!!

Now just some pics of the oldest blessings, with my youngest. Love them all to bits!!!


Well... That's all for now. Just wanted to show you how grateful I am for everything God has blessed me with (even though sometimes it can feel like a burden). Now, your mission is to spend a day just appreciating your life and all the wonderful things in it. Take lots of pics, and tell me ALL about it! God Bless!


  1. A Truffula tree! LOVE IT! Your garden is gorgeous. And little miss Lotte is so stinkin' adorable! She's so tiny.

    Keep the posts coming, I love them. And might I add, I miss you!