Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Job, New Day, New Schedule... for ALL of us!

So, here it is. Tuesday! We are no longer military. We are civilians! I have never been so excited and terrified at the same time. Hubs started his new job today. Technically it is the exact same job (same office, same people, same job description) he is just working for a contractor instead of the Navy. So different pay, different wardrobe, and (strangely since he still works at the same desk) different phone number. lol
Here is my HANDSOME Hubs heading out the door!
      So, since he has a different schedule with set hours (finally), so do we! That means getting up at 5:00 am to start our day. The boys are appreciating doing their morning chores outside before the sun has really come up, and it is still cool. The girls are struggling a lil bit with adjusting to it though. It requires a lil more snuggle and play time in the wee hours (which I will gladly provide)
Tempe snuggled in the blankies with a snack

Ginny the kitty cat (the tail I knit to go with her unicorn costume last Halloween)
Swim goggles are COOL! What do you do with them again?

     I also got busy trying to find ways to preserve the multitudes of zucchini. One solution is to shred and freeze in pre-measured portions in baggies. In this case I shredded 52 cups and froze them in 2 cup portions. They can then be thaws and used to make zucchini frittatas, croquets, zucchini bread, zucchini and apple bread, zucchini cake and so on and so forth. I was freezing them in slices but soon discovered that they take up a LOT of room this way and space in my freezer is definitely a commodity right now. Next time I will be drying slices to use in soups, stews, casseroles and the like. They wont take up as much room in the pantry as they would in the freezer. 
 Then the Hubs came home from work. He had a good day, and that makes us all happy! So far, so good with the civilian life, eh?
     Upon checking on the hens today we found an abundance of eggs. I candled them closely to ensure that none were fertile, as we do have a broody girl out there sitting on over a dozen. These were all good, and upon cooking dinner, even discovered that one was a double yolker! lol

     In an effort to use up our surplus of squash I made squash croquets to go with our dinner. They were delicious, and it was wonderful to know that it was made with our fresh eggs and squash.

     So, still no goat fence, or weeded garden, or lawn mowed, but... tomorrow is another day.... (in which we will probably still not complete those things.... lol)

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