Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catching up...

So... you know that feeling of being behind on something, and the idea of getting it all done is just too overwhelming, so you put it off until you "have more time". Then, when that magical time never occurs, you just get more and more behind, and eventually you realize there is sooo much to do that you cant even do it all anymore. Come on, I know I'm not the only extreme procrastinator here... right? Well I was catching up on this thing about a week ago, but then my computer acted up and deleted the whole stinking post! SERIOUSLY?!?!? So here I am now, not even remembering everything that happened since the 4th of July! Needless to say, this post will be mostly pics, because that is the only way I can jog my memory now. lol
So here's a cute one. Ginny was making a cake in her kitchen. She needed sugar and she said "its not esspensive. It only costiz two dollars." Trevor asked if he could help her and she said "as long as you don't give me any trouble!"

Then she decided to put her pie in it as an extra ingredient. She told me "Im gonna put my pie in it to make it taste extra pie-y"
Here's Sebastian making a yummy Dutch baby for us for breakfast. I tried to get a pic before we cut into it... but it was scarfed WAY too fast. Great job buddy!
And before breakfast was even gone, Trevor got busy making our dessert for that evening... custard pie!
And if you think it LOOKS good... you should have tasted it! AMAZING!!!  Great job Trevor! Love my little chefs!

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on: up front is fresh potato bread (ready to be sliced up and devoured!) then left to right: dried squash, zucchini, more squash, borage leaves and flowers (for tea), peaches (for peach, vanilla, basil & pecan rice krispy treats (a sophisticated treat for the mature palette... or me! lol)), and apples (for apple cinnamon granola bars). Dried bananas were added later.
This one has a cute story accompaniment, unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the crime in action. Tempe was supposed to be napping, but I heard her a stirrin'. I went in and didn't see her right away. But then... I saw her tootsies! Right there at the bottom of the SHEER curtains. She was hiding, very still and quiet. I said "Oh no! Where's Tempe?", and she responded by putting her finger to her lips and saying "sssshhhhhh"! ADORABLE!!! I went to get the camera though and she came out real quick. No photo evidence for this Momma :(

So during this big break, we had visitors! My mom and dad (from Ohio), and sister (Kate), brother-in-law (Jason), and cutie pie niece (Ellie) (from Florida).

Here's my beautiful sister!

Cutie cousins playing together Ellie (2) and my Ginny (5)
My handsome Sebastian (12)

 Congregating around the boob tube.... Its what our family does best! lol
Even Lotte is in on the action! lol

PawPaw Trotter met his 6th grandchild for the first time.... Needless to say, he is smitten.

She is pretty comfortable with him too :)

MawMaw got some cuddle time as well.

Here we are enjoying some of the yummy pie that Trevor made earlier that day whilst playing Monopoly Deal. Yep we are a board game kinda family! lol

The Hubs, brother-in-law and Dad played a lil horseshoes. It was an intense game of uncoordinated champions... lets just say they are all winners in my eyes....

Gathering to watch Thor. Def worth the price of admission!
Somewhere between these pictures my mother and father-in-law came for a visit too. I don't know how I managed to not get a single picture while they were here. But I promise they really were here! lol To prove it they also brought us a pickup truck and a riding lawn mower. These were 2 HUGE needs for us so it was an AMAZING blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Lotte and I in the bathroom mirror.
I remember taking pics like this with my other little girls when they were tiny lil things... and now Tempe is almost 2 and Ginny is 5!!!! Just look at these comparisons:
Ginny and I in the bathroom mirror

Tempe and I in the bathroom mirror
*HUGE SOBS* Oh where has the time gone?!?!
 Ok back to the present.. or at least the more recent past....
Tempe the turd sitting on my new Little House on the Prairie books. She took them off the shelf and set them there. I said "Tempe what are you doing?" She told me to "ssshhhh" then she backed up slowly and sat down on them. Like I said... turd

But it's okay because she makes up for it with her sweetness and cuddles :)

Ginny and Bunny. For those of you who know Ginny personally, you also know Bunny, as she can NOT exist without it. For those of you who have not met her, Bunny is gross as she often gets sucked on and dragged around (like any child's lovey I imagine), but she has had it since birth and will probably depart for college with it in her hand (but hopefully not in her mouth)

The Hubs getting some cuddle time with his girls.

Mommy's morning cuddles. Tempe was totally cheesing it up! lol

Oh and lucky me, I had a Dr appointment that I got the honor and privilege of taking ALL of my kids to... by myself. My (local) endocrinologist's teeny tiny little office all the way in Elizabeth City (about 45 mins away) is only ever filled with old people (never children). I desperately tried to keep my brood quiet and entertained, but seriously.... they are 5 CHILDREN.... There is only so much I can do. So I'm fairly sure I annoyed the crap out of a large group of senior citizens, and only heard half of what my Dr said, but it is what it is! In fact I'd say that they were pretty good considering...

Here is the gallon of vanilla extract I am working on. It takes 4-6 months to brew. I got the recipe from Heavenly Homemakers. Its super easy and I cant wait till it's all done. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

I was putting Lotte to sleep in my room when Tempe fell and got a boo-boo. No one could fix it except Mommy so up she climbed. The boo-boo healed very quickly however when she got distracted by the adorable baby to hold hands with....melted my heart. Then Ginny ran in and said "Oh let me get the camera!" Needless to say, she took this picture.

So the story behind this one: recently the girls doorknob broke, so that the door no longer latches. Tempe has discovered that because of this, she doesn't have to stay in her room at naptime now and immediately leaves her bed when we lay her down. So, everyone has been trying to assist at naptime. This time Trevor was laying down with her until she fell asleep, but then he fell asleep before she did.... and the end result is.....
And here is Hubby's method... yes it did present with similar results...
And of course... Sebastian's method. He held the door closed by holding the bottom of it, causing her to sit on the floor and play with his fingers. Obviously Tempe 1 Naptime 0. I am definitely open to suggestions at this point.

Sebastian fell asleep watching Lotte sleep in her bouncy seat.

So cute and snuggly

Sleeping peacefully

Until her big sister starts playing with her...

And the end result of that is...
Here's some more stuff I've been working on. This is just one can of each of the different things I canned up recently: Top row (left to right) Pulled pork (6 pints), watermelon jam (8 8 oz jars), pickled watermelon rind (5 8 oz jars), peach jam (9 8 oz jars). Bottom row (left to right) cinnamon apples (4 pints), cubed beef (13 pints), cubed pork (2 pints), sweet zucchini relish (4 pints), chili beans (3 pints), peach vanilla bourbon jam (8 pints). All delicious!

Lotte dancing in her bed... lol

 So our next adventure begins on Sunday. I'll be driving myself and kiddos to Columbus, Ohio (a tiny little 12 hours drive time, 16 probably with stops) for a Dr appointment at OSU. Its going to be a lot of fun (once we get there) as my Momma is planning all kinds of fun stuff for us to do, movies, pool, zoo, etc. We will be in Delaware for a few days with my parents, then off to Wheelersburg to spend time with the in-laws for a few days. We are all very excited, including Hubby who has the house to himself to work on all kinds of home improvement projects around the house and farm, including....
Building a dog house and pen! Because just last night we bought this beautiful purebred border collie puppy. She is 15 weeks old. The kiddos love her (obviously... I mean what kid doesn't LOVE a puppy... right?) The breeder is hanging on to her for us until we get home, so now the kiddos will even be excited when the trip is over! lol

 Well that's all for now.. I think... I'm sure I forgetting all kinds of stuff though.


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