Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Rainy Saturday...

     Rain, rain, go away.... please?
     Well, we still haven't gotten the goat fence done, or the weeding, or the lawn, and it isn't looking to promising for the rest of the week either. The evil weather man in calling for rain and thunderstorms ALL WEEK!!!! This does not work into my plans very well.....
     I was able to go out do some harvesting this morning though.

Here is the size of the squash and zucchini I picked last week.
Here is the squash and zucchini I picked today! HUGE size difference huh?
     I also picked LOTS of borage flowers and leaves, basil, and mint. (ps do you know how awesome borage is? any interest in a post about the benefits of borage?)
     Then, remembering that the Hubs starts a new job on Tuesday (SQUEE!!!) we went to Goodwill to see if we could find him some dress clothes (and get the ever-growing little people some new duds too).
See the bored Hubby? He is not much for clothes shopping, but was a huge support! <3 him!
Lotte didn't seem to mind too much though. She snoozed the day away in the moby wrap.
     We got bags and bags and bags (wish I had taken a picture) of clothes for the littles (nothing for Chaz unfortunately) for $117. Love those prices! And now my kid's tummies don't show when the raise their arms and they are no longer waiting for a flood! Yeah!
     Next on the agenda: Ginny's hair needed a trimming! (I really need to learn to cut hair, it would save us a LOT of money) So it came out SUPER cute (it helps that she is SUPER cute! ) and all layer-y. The picture really doesn't do it justice.
     Ginny REALLY wanted to go get a mani/pedi after that, (in celebration that her thumb nail has finally grown back after a door slamming/ finger pinching/ nail falling off accident a few months ago) but that is something that I CAN do, and (I'll use a phrase the Hubs hates) "we be po'". Okay... we aren't poor (that's why he hates it) but I am ALL ABOUT saving money! So we did our at home. We got out all the polish and she got to pick the colors for both of us. Being a bit indecisive though, she picked them all, and a wonderful Mother/ Daughter bonding experience was had!  
Her pigglies.
My fingies.
     Bedtime around here is always a trip! Tempe climbed into this little plastic toy organizer with a taplight (headlight). She kept saying "choo choo" as I pushed her around the house (with my foot) and off to her room.
     Tomorrow we plan on getting up SUPER early to try to beat the rain and get some yard work done before church. But, until then, its sleepy time!

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