Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We had an unplanned day....

     Okay. So the first post didn't kill me and I haven't been publicly "booed".... yet. So, I guess that's a sign that maybe I CAN make a go of this! I'll start today's post by saying that things did NOT go as planned. But, hey, I have 5 free-spirited kiddos and a (currently) military Hubby. What's a plan anyway?
     What WAS the plan? The Hubs was GOING to go into work for a LITTLE bit to do some paperwork for his transition out of the military (in 7 days). Then he was GOING to come home and finish the goat's fence and some yard work (he is technically on leave until Thursday, so we want to finish everything before then). While he was gone I was GOING to work on some surprises for our 9 year anniversary tomorrow, then do more batch cooking and some house work.
     But, instead..... Tempe (23 months) woke up w/ bumps all over her legs, prompting us to make her a same day doctor's appointment (her Dr. is an hour away BTW). So Hubs drove the motorcycle to Norfolk (1 1/2 hours away) this morning. Then the kids and I scurried around to get things done while he was gone, but hardly accomplished anything, because, as previously mentioned, I have 5 FREE-SPIRITED kiddos! lol About an hour before it is time to leave for Tempe's appointment. Hubs calls to say he wont be home in time to take us. I'll need to pack everyone up, and go on my own. (First time taking ALL 5 kids out alone. Kinda nervous) Ok. So I get out the door. 10 minutes late. (Have I mentioned how much I hate being late?!?! Well, you'll come to realize it is one of my BIG pet peeves.)

me. driving.
     We're driving when the Hubs calls to remind me that I don't have a current military ID and wont be able to get on base without him. So he will meet me at the gate. Oh and BTW, a bunch of stuff came up in regards to his transition. He wont be able to come home until late tonight, and he will have to come in for the rest of the week. He is no longer on leave. (Still with me so far? Confused yet?) This SUPER STINKS!!!
     Well the girls all knocked out on the seriously loooong drive. Hubs met us at the gate and even took Tempe to her appointment But, the rest of us had to hang out on base until it was time to pick them up. So, I drove to the jogging track.

 The girls were still sleeping but the boys wanted to run off some energy. They are crazy like that. It was HOT out there today! So, I hung out in the AC with the snoozers.

Ginny did get up eventually though in time to catch some bugs with Sebastian. After a while it was time to pick them up. Tempe got an "all clear" from the Dr. and a diagnosis of heat rash and some bug bites. After all this sitting in the car we were not about to just head home though. We decided a trip to the mall was in order. I cant even remember the last time we went to the mall. Nope. Just remembered. It was Christmas. So I figure we were probably due. So off we went!
     Once at the mall the kiddos wanted to head to Target to spend what little bit of money they had with them. I needed to get a few things as well. Final cost: $43 for me. $0 for the kids. What happened? I needed to get a gift for a friend and a cute Birthday outfit for Tempe. I bought them both on sale. Over 50% off! Final cost: $53! Yikes! Next, of course I needed to feed them dinner. It WAS 6 o'clock after all. Everyone wanted to eat at a different place in the food court but when it was all said and done, $27 (at least EVERYONE ate EVERY bite. That NEVER happens).

Next on the agenda: a diaper change, for BOTH lil ones! This one took some thinking. I had the boys watch Tempe and Ginny (age 5) on the ride on toys outside the bathroom while I changed Lotte (13 days). Then I put her in the moby and brought Tempe in. Lifting her onto the changing table while Lotte was in the moby was a trip, and changing a wiggly toddler with an infant strapped to my chest was SUPER FUN too! But it worked out okay. Hurray! That was a challenge I was dreading and I totally mastered it right out of the gate! I think I should get a "Double Diaper Changing" badge for that one for sure!
So the kids were being awesome and I was in a good mood from my latest conquest so I decided to let the 2 older girls go on one of those little quarter machine rides. The space shuttle one. The thing is, Tempe likes to sit and play in those things... but heaven forbid it makes noise, or worse yet.... MOVES!!!! Ginny climbed in this one with Tempe, causing the doorway to be blocked. Sebastian put the quarters in and for a millisecond... Tempe enjoyed it. Then the screaming started. She was flipping out and trying to climb out the window. But the ride spins around so we could barely get ahold of her to get her out. She was TERRIFIED! Lesson learned. Save our quarters.
    After that we just had to have some sort of dessert to calm us down. (yes, this IS how I justify dessert. lol) Sebastian and I opted for smoothies, Trevor and Ginny had ice cream and Tempe chose a cookie. Final cost $17. Now, anyone that knows Tempe, (or has ever eaten ANYTHING within her eye sight) knows that just because she chose a cookie doesn't mean that she wont eat all of the other options as well. Good thing we are a loving and sharing family and we fully support over eating of junk food. lol

When we get home, Sebastian (12 years old) informs me he has a tick on his back. (His 3rd in 7 months. Yes he plays in the woods.) I remove it and the boys help me get the girls off to bed, then help me clean up in the kitchen. They play some video games for a lil while and tell me about their favorite characters and then hit the hay.
     So now here we are. Home. Where we were supposed to be ALL day. Its midnight. The kids are in bed and my Hubby (of 9 years officially, as of this minute) calls to tell me he went to the ER. (He had bumps on his legs as well, that have swollen into welts). Ill stay up and wait for him, because I love him and it is probably the ONLY time I'll see him on our anniversary anyway.
     We didn't get ANYTHING done on our list today, but I spent some quality time with my kiddos and we had fun. Wish it hadn't cost so much though. $140! And that doesn't include the gas to get around either! So, Im gonna pretend that was free, cause I don't really wanna think about how much MORE money we spent today! (This is why we don't go into the city very often).
     Anyway, here's to hoping your day went a little more on schedule than ours did. Unfortunately, our next few days aren't looking very promising either, but we will roll with the punches, because that's just what we do. If he sees you to it, he will see you through it.

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  1. I love unplanned outings with the kids! Glad you all had fun with it. :)