Monday, September 30, 2013

Capturing the Memories

Who is the photographer in your family? Ever notice how that person very rarely makes it into the picture. And I'm not talking about those bathroom mirror pictures, or the awkward stretch-your-arm-out-in-front-and-hope-you-aimed-correctly pictures either. (Who else has to take 53 of these to get one good one?) I have that problem. I'm the photog in our family. And in the rare case that I AM in the pic, my Hubby (who is taking the picture) is not! Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying I think I am HOT STUFF, or even all that photogenic, but it would be nice to have some pictures of ALL of us! I know the solution is a family portrait, and I would LOVE to get them done once a year. But, lets be honest, they are EXPENSIVE!!! Not that I don't think those photos are amazing and worth EVERY penny, but those pennies HAVE to be spent on food, clothing and shelter for my brood (the law says I HAVE to provide these things). So unfortunately, those BEAUTIFUL images of my family faking smiles and lovingness, between spurts of fighting over where they stand, why they have to look nice, and why we have to do this anyway, will have to be put on the back burner. (I'm not exaggerating about that burner either. We haven't had family photos done professionally since the boys were babies!) BUT....our church was updating the directory and had Lifetouch come in to take the pictures. There's the clincher. We didn't have to buy ANY. We just had to get the one done for the church. But who can resist when they suggest all the cute little poses of the kiddos, and for ONCE they stop fighting and ASK if they can do the next pose? (Seriously I DARE you to try). So the end result (and in effort to easily share these with family)...

     $289 and worth EVERY penny! Don't ya think? How about you? Do you get a yearly family portrait done? 

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  1. We don't because we usually can't afford it, but those are GREAT! My favorite is Chaz holding Lotte up on the air. I can't believe how BIG Tempe looks, omg!! Great pictures, Saritah! ♥