Thursday, July 4, 2013


     So, we started our dang off with a bang. Or should I say a boom, a scream, and TONS of blood? I started off by being productive in the girls room, bagging up clothes that no longer fit and reorganizing their dressers. The boys went out to weed the garden (it is a LOOONG process!) When they came in, I told Sebastian to go hop in the shower before breakfast. Moments after the water came on I heard it. BOOM! Then a blood curdling scream (that only my 12 year old son can emit). I ran into the bathroom, ripped back the shower curtain and found him sitting on the bottom of the tub with blood gushing from his mouth (mouths really are bleeders aren't they?)  There was blood everywhere! The shower curtain, the sink, the tub, the floor, himself! It looked like a massacre! He had slipped and fallen into the sink. I got him cleaned up and diagnosed him with a busted lip, and two chipped teeth (one of which is a permanent tooth!) He is okay now, but between him and Trevor (who lost a midnight brawl with a ceiling fan) lets just say we wont be ready for a family portrait any time soon!
Sebastian's brokenness :(
2 chipped teeth and a fat lip. I would say "you should see the other guy" but... well... the sink is fine.
     Next I got back to the girl's room. They have soooo much stuff! And they just keep accumulating more. Its different with the boy's stuff. When they grow out of things, whether it be toys or clothes, we just get rid of it. But when one of the girls grows out of something, we hang on to it for the next one to grow into. It truly is a never ending process of bagging, labeling, storing and pulling out the next batch of stuff to be put away. So anyway, that's what I worked on. I almost finished the whole room too! Meanwhile, Lotte did her job. Hey, its exhausting being this cute!

     Later I sliced up all the zucchini left in the house (there is STILL more in the garden!) and put it all in the dehydrator to preserve it for later.


      And I put away the borage I dried before. Isn't it beautiful? It is all ready for making my delicious borage mint tea with honey!

     Then I did my squats. Yes. My squats! I started the 30 day squat challenge. I am only on day 3 and my legs feel like jelly. I think that's a good thing though.... right? If all goes well I wanna do some other type of 30 day challenge after this one. Wish me luck, and feel free to join in on the fun and tell me about your progress! ;)
     When Hubs got home he cuddled with the little ones while I worked on dinner, a family favorite, spaghetti braid. I added some cooked up Italian sausage that I had in the fridge from a previous meal. (I love using up leftovers to make a different meal!)

Warm, golden, melty, cheesy, and has pasta ... you just cant beat those qualities.


 For dessert I made cookies from the cookie dough I had in the freezer. I love batch cooking. It makes future meals soooo much easier. Plus I love homemade cookies warm and fresh from the oven! It also helps with portion control. I only make enough for each of us to have 2 for dessert. That's much better than having a whole batch of cookies just sitting around waiting to be eaten (by me).
 I ate with the shortlings while the Hubs headed to the Wednesday evening church service, and to check on some friends of ours who are having a hard time right now. (They have really been a blessing to us, and they are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.)

 After dinner my handsome and helpful son Trevor washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen! High five for helpfulness!
     Then the kiddos went off to the living room to play cards with Daddy while I got little Lotte ready for bed. With her all tucked in and cozy I thought it would be a great time to dye the gray mop on my head. I checked in on the family and asked the Hubs to listen for bebe. I put the dye in my hair and did what any good housewife does with the only 10 minutes of free time she gets all day... I cleaned the bathroom! lol I hopped in the shower to rinse when, wonder of all wonders, the baby woke up, and suddenly I couldn't get out of the shower fast enough! Hubs was trying to calm her down so I could get dressed, faster than I have ever gotten dressed before. I sat down to nurse her and instantly all is right with the world again. A mother's work is never done!


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